Friday, September 23, 2011

Old Guys

I finally got enough courage to start taking candid street portraits.  I thought I'de start off taking portraits of old guys because they seem less likely to hurt me.  People actually didn't mind getting their picture taken as much as I thought they would, except this one guy that put his hand infront of my lens.  This is a really good free ebook on street photography by the way, it sort if inspired me to be more brave.    

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I randomly wandered around Paris for a few hours today having no clue where I was going.  It was a miracle I made it back without getting lost!  Here are some pictures I took.  Tomorrow, more exploring!



First Post

I made this as sort of a place to post mostly street photography and talk about it.  I just moved to paris and am going to be here for at least a year and since I lived in a small town before were I couldn't really do street photography I'm kind of exited.  Ok, I've only been here for a little longer than a week but here are a few so far.